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How to Add a Watermark to Images With IrfanView?

If you want to protect others from using the photos you have the copyright, you’d better add some watermark to them. IrfanView is a good choice for you. Though IrfanView does not have the watermark option menu, but you can add one through a text box. The detailed steps are as follows:

Step One: Download IrfanView and install it on your computer.

Step Two: Open the picture you want to add watermark by clicking “File”>”Open”.

Step Three: Find the location you want to put the watermark and then drag the mouse to the size of the watermark.
Step Four: Click the “Edit” menu and select “Insert Text” in the drop-down list. In the pop-up text box, text your watermark content and edit the font size. Click “Ok” to apply the change.

How to Change Download Timeouts in Internet Explorer?

It is quite frustrating to get timeout errors when you are downloading something from the Internet. In most cases, you will restart the downloading. Is there any other way to avoid this errors? This article will show you through changing the settings to avoid the occurrence.

Step One: Click “Start” button at the left bottom of the task bar and type “regedit” into the search bar. Press “Enter”.

Step Two: In the Registry Editor window, find “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”> “Software” > “Microsoft” > “Windows” > “CurrentVersion” > “InternetSettings.”
Step Three: Click “Edit” and select “New” in the list and then choose “DWORD Value”.
Step Four: Name the DWORD file “KeepAliveTimeout” and click “Enter”. Then double click the file name to set the time value. Then click “File”>”Exit” to close the registry editor.

How to Remove Windows User Pawword in Win7?

Windows 7 allows you to create a personalized user account with password protection to make sure no one else can access it. While if you want to offer your computer to another one, you need to remove the password for their convenience. This article will show you the detailed steps to remove the password.

Step One: Click “Start” in the windows task bar and select “Control Panel” in the menu.

Step Two: Click the “User Accounts and Family Safety” link and choose “User account” tab.
Step Three: Click “Remove your password” link.
Step Four: Enter your current password and click “Remove Password”.


How to Remote Control Another Computer with TeamViewer?

Do you want to control your compter in the office when you’re sitting at home? With Teamviwer, you can configure your computers to be accessible anywhere in the world, from virtually any other computer. This free program allows you to quickly set up a remote connection between your computers. The details are as follows:

Step One: Download TeamViewer and install it on your computer.

Step Two: Launch the program and click “Connection” tab. In the drop-down list, select “Setup unattended access”.


Step Three: Follow the steps to give your computer a name as well as a password. Make sure that the password is strong enough to prevent unwanted intruders.


Step Four: Create a TeamViewer account by clicking “Sign up”. This will allow you to see which of your remote computers are online and available to connect to.


Step Five: Enter your partner’s ID and click “Connect to partner” to achieve remote control.

How to Access Another Computer Without Installing Any Program?

If you want to remote control another computer, you can certainly install some professinal software, also you can try the Windows Remote Desktop application which is installed by default. You just need to know that computer’s IP address and have a user account set up on the machine.

Step One: Click “Start” button and type “remote desktop connection” into the search box.

Step Two: Press “Enter” and you will open the Remote Desktop client window. Enter the remote computer’s IP address.


Step Three: Click the “Connect” button and type your user name and password. When finish setting, click “OK” to establish the connection.