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AOMEI Backupper Standard is a free and easy-to-use  backup, restore, file sync and disk clone software. It's the top free backup & restore software within friendly GUI. You can simply use it to backup and restore system, disk, partition, files and folders, sync files. It is also a powerful cloning software that protects your data security from disaster for PCs and Laptops.

It can simply back up the Windows operating system, the entire hard drive, partitions and individual files without interrupting your work. It can also customize backup settings, such as setting up regular backups, creating differential and incremental backups, compressing, splitting backup tasks, enabling email notifications, etc.

It can clone the entire hard drive disk containing the Windows operating system, installed programs, and custom settings, and upgrade the HDD to HDD/SSD without data loss. By default, it can easily clone a single partition or volume to another partition or volume through smart sector cloning, thereby skipping bad sectors on the source partition.

It will regularly and automatically synchronize files and folders to local disks, external hard drives, network shares or NAS, or even the cloud, such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc. After setting, it can run automatically without any manual intervention.

Key Features:

  • One-click system drive backup of all contents, including Windows operating system, installed applications and custom settings without interrupting your work.
  • Securely back up individual files and folders, such as email, photos, videos, documents, games and programs. Also support backing up files from one network/NAS to another.
  • Backup your hard disk drives, including basic disk, dynamic disk, MBR disk, GPT disk, external disk, USB flash drive and other storage devices that can be recognized by Windows.
  • If you just want to backup one or more specified partitions or dynamic volumes, not entire disk. This free backup software allows you to back up partitions or dynamic volumes to a compressed image file.


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