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Audacity (32bit) 2.0.5 RC1

Audacity Development Team - 21.2MB (Freeware)

Version: 2.0.5 RC1

Size: 21.2MB

Date Added: Oct 16, 2013

License: Freeware

Languages: Multi-languages

Publisher: Audacity Development Team


OS: Windows All

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Audacity is a popular open-source audio editing software that provides a wide range of powerful features for recording, editing, and manipulating audio files. With its user-friendly interface and extensive tools, Audacity has become a go-to choice for audio enthusiasts, musicians, and podcasters.

One of Audacity's key features is its ability to record audio from multiple sources, such as microphones, line-in inputs, and even computer playback. This makes it ideal for recording voiceovers, interviews, and music performances. Users can also import and export various audio file formats, including WAV, MP3, and FLAC, making it versatile for different audio needs.

Audacity offers a plethora of editing tools, including cutting, copying, and pasting audio segments, as well as adjusting pitch, speed, and volume. Users can also apply various audio effects, such as equalization, reverb, and noise reduction, to enhance the audio quality. Additionally, Audacity supports multi-track editing, allowing users to work on multiple audio tracks simultaneously for more complex audio projects.

Furthermore, Audacity provides a robust set of analysis tools, including spectrogram views, waveform displays, and audio metering, which aid in precise audio editing and mastering. It also supports plugins and extensions, which can be used to further extend its functionality.

Audacity is a powerful and versatile audio editing software that offers a wide array of features for recording, editing, and analyzing audio files. Its user-friendly interface, extensive tools, and open-source nature make it a popular choice among audio enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Key Features:

  • Multi-track recording
  • Editing tools (cut, copy, paste, trim, delete)
  • Effects and filters (equalization, noise reduction, etc.)
  • Spectrogram view for visualizing frequency content
  • Real-time previews of audio effects
  • Plug-in support for extending functionality
  • Batch processing for applying effects to multiple files
  • Accessibility features (keyboard shortcuts, screen reader support)
  • Customizability of interface and settings.


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