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Version: 2.12

Size: 9.5MB

Date Added: Dec 5, 2013

License: Trial Version

Languages: English

Publisher: stardock


OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Vista 64/ Windows 7 64/ Windows 8 64

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Fences lets users clean up their desktop icons in moments. Users draw "Fences" on their desktop which enables users to drag and drop icons into them. Users can have Fences show and hide by double-clicking on the desktop. In addition, users can control which icons show and hide when the desktop is double-clicked on allowing for easy desktop clean-up.

Organize your PC by automatically placing shortcuts and icons into resizable shaded areas (called Fences) on your desktop designed to match Windows 10 and 11. Fence has many customization features that make it the most popular desktop enhancement in the world.

Use Peek to instantly access your files, folders and applications by pressing Winkey + Space to place the fence on top of all windows. Save time and increase productivity by creating folder portals that give access to frequently used content at a glance.

Eliminate clutter on your desktop, but put Fences where they're easy to find with our roundup feature! Double-clicking on a fence's title bar will "roll up" the rest of the fence into it, saving you valuable space on your desktop. To show your fence, you can move the mouse over the title bar or double-click it again to see all the icons normally.

Key Features:
  • Create an unlimited number of Fence areas on desktop.
  • Quickly hide/show desktop icons with double-click.
  • Customize opacity and color tinting of Fences.
  • Auto-scaling for screen size changes.
  • Store unique Fence locations for different monitor configurations.
  • Low profile, low system impact: integrates tightly and cleanly with OS.

Version 2.12

  • Added allowing users to choose between rounded and 90 degree angle corner edges in the Fences config (defaulted by OS)
  • Added prompt for email at trial activation
  • Re-enabled touch features. This includes using two fingers to switch between desktop pages (enabled by default) and the ability to "flick" icons into Fences (disabled by default). Both are options in the settings, on the "Desktop Pages" and "Layout and snapping" tabs respectively.
  • Fixed Fences not showing on desktop/exist offscreen, out of res bounds
  • Fixed Fence shifting icons into hidden third column
  • Fixed show my desktop issue reactivated with information
  • Fixed issue with Folder portals and visibility
  • Fixed issue with name based rules and right click
  • Fixed issue with bottomed aligned secondary monitors causes off-set Portal Fences
  • Fixed a crash issue that has been haunting support where a target folder location had been changed
  • Fixed issue with config UI blanking out
  • Fixed issue with Fences not showing on desktop when they existed offscreen, out of the screen resolution
  • Fixed issue with new files defaulting to the second monitor
  • Fixed issue with the show desktop button in Windows when an active modal window was displaying in Fences
  • Fixed issue with being unable to drag desktop pages when the taskbar was on the left or right
  • Fixed issue with excluding icons from quickhide (like .website)
  • Fixed issue when folder portal opacity was set to 0%
  • Fixed where rules weren't sticking if assigned through right-click/...
  • Removed Fences as a Control Panel item (kept causing problems)


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