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pdfforge - 25.7MB (Freeware)

Version: 2.2.0

Size: 25.7MB

Date Added: Oct 27, 2015

License: Freeware

Languages: Multi-languages

Publisher: pdfforge


OS: Windows All

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The PDFCreator is a excellent tool, allowing you to create PDF documents from virtually any application. It supports more than 30 languages and has many options to influence the result. Some advanced features are particularly interesting for companies. It supports server installation and can be controlled by other applications.   

Key Features:

  • Create PDF files from virtually any document.
  • Use different profiles to quickly switch your settings.
  • Control the size and quality of the resulting file.                                        
  • Server mode provides a network PDF Server for your users.
  • Use the COM object to control PDFCreator from your application.
  • With auto save, you can create PDFs without user action.
Version 2.2.0


  • PDFCreator Plus for Business now can be controlled by fully managed group policies
  • The E-Mail button now allows to send a mail without specifying a location on the hard drive
  • We have added a lot of tests and did some refactoring to improve the stability and allow to better share the code base between PDFCreator and the Server
  • Includes Ghostscript 9.10 (patched by pdfforge). This seems to be the version with the best compatibility
  • Improved documentation on the COM interface with information on the differences between PDFCreator 1.x and 2.x
  • The COM interface no longer is marked as “Beta”
  • The COM interface has some new methods to clear the queue and to query the metadata of a print job
  • The PDFCreator settings can now be fully initialized in der Registry with the parameter /InitializeSettings
  • TXT was added as output format (but don’t expect any magic, it’s still just a text file)
  • PDFCreator now stores the settings under HKCU\Software\pdfforge\PDFCreator instead of HKCU\Software\, which is the more compliant way. The old settings are migrated automatically.
  • When a new update is available, you now also have the option to skip this single version. You will not receive further notifications until the next version is available.
  • There are two new Tokens that can be used: and
  • The command line parameter /PsFile allows to add a PostScript file directly to PDFCreator without the need to print it
  • The Temp files and the Spool folder are now stored in the same folder in the Temp path to have a single point to clean up
  • This releases now works with the brand new PDF Architect 4

Bugs fixed

  • PDFCreator could not convert files that were merged from many print jobs (>300)
  • When the system culture was set to Turkish, PDFCreator could have problems during the setup and conversion
  • Ghostscript has problems with unicode characters in paths. PDFCreator tries to work around this wherever possible.
  • There could have been some files left in the program files folder after uninstalling PDFCreator
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the file extension to be wrong when converting through the COM interface
  • Some conditions where the translations could not contain proper information (i.e. with placeholders) are checked automatically now
  • When replacing tokens, the result can have been unexpected for certain (uncommon) inputs
  • The title replacements could have been ordered in a way that can cause problems (i.e. .doc before .docx lead to ‘x’ at the end of the title). This is resolved automatically now.
  • The /RegFile parameter of the setup led to an error on Windows 7
  • Due to Ghostscript bug, PDF/A files could have been corrupted when the color model was RGB. This is now forced to CMYK until the bug is fixed in Ghostscript.
  • Under certain circumstances, Windows needs a reboot after installing the .Net Framework 4.0. This is now detected by the setup.
  • Under rare conditions, there could have been an Exception with the message “Object synchronization method was called from an unsynchronized block of code”. We have added checks to prevent and (if it should still occur) catch it.
  • PDFCreator Plus: The automatic downloader did not always clean up the downloaded setups. This is fixed now.
  • If there is an unexpected exception in the application, it will now be logged properly
  • Plus the usual round of minor tweaks and fixes

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