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REAPER (32bit) 6.72

Cockos Inc. - 14.10 MB (Shareware)

Version: 6.72

Size: 14.10 MB

Date Added: Dec 22, 2022

License: Shareware

Languages: English

Publisher: Cockos Inc.


OS: Windows All

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REAPER is a powerful digital audio workstation that is widely recognized for its versatility and efficiency. With a compact and lightweight design, REAPER provides a comprehensive set of features and tools for recording, editing, processing, and mixing audio.

One of the standout features of REAPER is its ability to support a wide range of audio formats and plugins, making it compatible with various industry standards. Whether you're a musician, sound engineer, or podcast producer, REAPER offers a seamless workflow and allows you to work with multiple tracks simultaneously.

REAPER's user-friendly interface and customizable layout make it easy for both beginners and experienced professionals to navigate and personalize their workspace. The software offers a robust set of editing tools, including multi-track editing, time-stretching, and pitch-shifting, enabling precise control over audio manipulation.

Another notable aspect of REAPER is its efficient resource management, allowing it to handle large projects without consuming excessive computer resources. It supports multi-core processors and can utilize both 32-bit and 64-bit audio processing, ensuring smooth performance even with demanding tasks.

Additionally, REAPER offers extensive automation capabilities, enabling users to create complex automated workflows for repetitive tasks and precise adjustments. The software also supports third-party extensions and scripts, allowing for further customization and expansion of its functionality.

REAPER is a feature-rich and user-friendly digital audio workstation that caters to the needs of musicians, sound engineers, and audio professionals. Its versatility, efficiency, and compatibility make it a popular choice for audio production across various domains.

Key Features´╝Ü

  • Multitrack recording and playback.
  • Comprehensive audio editing tools.
  • Full MIDI support.
  • VST and ReWire plugin compatibility.
  • Powerful automation capabilities.
  • Extensive built-in and third-party effects.
  • Flexible routing and busing options.
  • Customizable interface and shortcuts.
  • Basic video editing support.
  • Cross-platform and lightweight.
  • Active user community and regular updates.


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