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Riot (32bit) 0.12.7

Vector Creations Ltd. - 58.1MB (Open-Source)

Version: 0.12.7

Size: 58.1MB

Date Added: Oct 17, 2017

License: Open-Source

Languages: English

Publisher: Vector Creations Ltd.


OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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Riot allows teams to communicate across a wide range of collaboration apps. If some team members use Riot while others use IRC, Slack or Gitter, Riot will allow these team members to seamlessly work together. Riot offers the richest network of communication bridges.No one should control your communication and data but you. Riot lets you run your own server, and provides users and teams with the most advanced crypto ratchet technology available today for a decentralized secure Internet.
Version 0.12.7
  • Released versions of react-sdk & js-sdk
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