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Syncovery is a comprehensive file sync and backup software that allows users to backup and sync their files across multiple platforms and devices.

It is designed to help individuals and businesses keep their important files, data and information safe by regularly backing up and syncing them across multiple devices and platforms.

With Syncovery, users can create custom backup and synchronization profiles that can be run on a schedule or manually, depending on their needs.

In addition to file synchronization and backup, Syncovery includes features such as file compression, encryption, and version control, making it a versatile tool for managing and protecting your data.

Syncovery is a reliable and powerful tool for anyone looking to protect and synchronize their important files and data.

Key Features:

  • File Synchronization: Syncovery can synchronize files and folders between different devices, networks and storage media.
  • Backup Restore: Backups can be created for files and folders and restored in case of data loss.
  • Cloud storage backup: Data can be backed up to cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • Disk Image Backup: It can create a disk image for backup purposes, which can be used to restore the entire system in case of hardware failure.
  • Data Recovery: Syncovery can recover data from damaged or damaged disks as well as deleted files.
  • Data Encryption: It can encrypt data using various algorithms to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Real-time synchronization: Syncovery can perform real-time synchronization immediately when files and folders are changed.
  • Automatic Backups: Can be set to automatically perform backups and syncs based on a schedule or specific triggers.


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