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BillP Studios - 890KB (Freeware)

Version: 29.0.2013

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Date Added: Oct 20, 2013

License: Freeware

Languages: English

Publisher: BillP Studios


OS: Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ XP 64/ Vista 64/ Windows 7 64/ Windows 8 64

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WinPatrol will alert you to Spyware, Adware and nasty programs that may infiltrate your computer without your knowledge. WinPatrol enables users to clean up your Taskbar, ActiveX, Browser and Startup programs. Besides, WinPatrol monitors and exposes adware, keyloggers, spyware, worms, cookies, and other malicious software. This program puts you back in control of your computer with no need for constant updates. 

WinPatrol is well-designed to help you better understand what programs are running on your computer and to alert you to any new programs added without your permission. The program scans your system, using heuristics, for evidences of hijackings, malware attacks and critical changes made to your computer without permission.
Version 29.0.2013

Power to the People

Your comments and suggestions have helped create one of the most exciting new versions in recent years. Over the years WinPatrol had grown with the ability to detect a large range of internal changes within Windows. In the process, WinPatrol lost its easy to use feel that encouraged you to tell your friends and family to download our program. Version 29, built on your feedback, returns WinPatrol to it's roots and will have you blogging and tweeting by the end of the week.

One complaint I've heard, especially from new users, is the volume of alert messages when there is a new program install or malware attack. Over the years, the number of critical locations monitored by WinPatrol has grown but it?s also source of frustration. While everyone appreciates WinPatrol alerting them to an infiltration, the number of locations we reveal combined with numerous malware pop ups is overwhelming.

Installing a legitimate program will typically cause new entries in the Startup Programs, an IE Helper or two and multiple Services. A malware attack may create 10 times the changes all generating individual warnings from WinPatrol. Instead of having to respond to each change most of us would rather just have everything fixed with a single action. That?s WinPatrol v29.

The new version will save users from as much frustration as possible and includes new options when unexpected changes occur. Based on a single user response, WinPatrol will evaluate a response to other immediate changes without requiring extensive user interaction.

More Options when you need them.

WinPatrol v29 has added new clickable links on our alert screens. Open Folder and Properties features are currently available by right-clicking on a filename in our main tabbed interface. More than one user has pointed out how useful this information would be when an initial alert appears. Disable is also available on our main interface and now can be used immediately to tell WinPatrol you never want this change to occur.
WinPatrol Warning for Adobe Acrobat

Hopefully, the Exit WinPatrol won?t be needed now that we?ve added our other new feature but based on the panic I sometimes read I thought folks would appreciate an emergency exit.

Simple Question: Did I install this program?

My goal is to offer a single alert with all the information you need to know if you?ve installed a useful program or you?re under attack. You'll receive a single screen with information to help you decide. Were you installing something new? Were you visiting new websites? Did you click on a link and wish you hadn't? If you know the answer WinPatrol will fill in the blanks and let you decide if it's safe to continue or if you've been attacked by malware that found a hole in some software already on your computer.

Naturally, this new feature can be turned off but it will default to the more friendly, and usable status. If you'd like to see messages for every change uncheck the "Suppress alert" box under Options, "Hide Alerts". This power feature is available for WinPatrol PLUS user. Feedback indicates that most people don't need to know every detail. They just want it fixed. Any changes will continue to be stored under the History button so any unwanted change can be restored.

I hope this enhancement will be welcomed and perhaps generate interest again from past WinPatrol fans. I am confident it will be accepted by anyone new to WinPatrol and allow them to continue using WinPatrol so they can discover all its power.

Additions Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Added New Features to Start, IE Helper and Service Alerts

  • Added Properties information directly from Windows
  • Added Open Folder launching Windows File Explorer to allow user direct access to new file.
  • Added Exit Windows emergency exit in case new users are confused or had WinPatrol installed without their knowledge.
  • Include Disable feture to new Startup Program alert message. This tells WinPatrol to keep track of this file and always remove it anytime it is put back into the startup list.
  • Reduce font size for dialogs that display long path names.
  • Confirm MS Shell Dlg font is used to support international system fonts
  • Adjust fonts to provide better handling when resizing main interface
  • Change default position of alert message to upper right corner to be less obstuctive
  • Detect signature file updates without warning McAfee users every day.
  • Confirm all types of changes are checked at the same time when any single change occurs.
  • Allow suppression of multiple alerts during Real-time Infiltration Detection


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Note: This program is advertising supported and may offer
to install third party programs that are not required.
These may include a toolbar, changing your homepage,
default search engine or installing other party programs.
Please watch the installation carefully to opt out.

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