How to create an event in your email calendar with Microsoft Outlook?

To keep your diary up to date, it is a good idea to enter your appointments and meetings. Microsoft Outlook offers neat functionality in the calendar which includes reminders before any appointments and a list of attendees, among others.
Here is how to create an event in Microsoft Outlook:

Step One: Open Microsoft Outlook and select “calendar” from the bottom right corner:


Step Two: On the day you have selected, right-click anywhere in the blue ruled space of the right side pane:


Step Three: Select “New Appointment” if you want to create an event involving only you, and select “New Meeting Request” if you want to invite other participants in an event:


Step Four: In the last window, you can enter the name, location, the date and starting & ending time for your new event:


Don’t forget to click the button “Save & Close” when you are done!