How to Reduce Sounds Automatically When Making a Call?

We have all watched music and worked simultaneously on our computers. But when there is an incoming call on skype for example, you want your laptop to either completely stop playing the music, or at least reduce the volume, so that you will be able to take the call undisturbed.
Here is how to automatically reduce volume or mute the sounds when you receive an incoming call:

Step One. Open the Control Panel and click on “Hardware and Sounds”:


Step Two. Press on the “Sound” submenu:


Step Three. From the tabs at the top, select ”Communications”:


Step Four. Select “Stop all other sounds” from the radio buttons, in order to make sure when you receive a call, your music or videos will not be audible:


Step Five. Click “Apply” and “OK”:

Now you can be sure anyone who calls you on the computer will not hear your background music or video.