How Can You Make the Fonts and System Texts Bigger in Windows?

If you are far-sighted or an elderly user, it may sometimes be hard to read the text on the default windows system names, icons and text displays.
Here is how you can increase the size of texts in windows menus, messages and icons:

Step One. Open the Control panel and select “Appearance and personalization”:


Step Two. Under “Display”, choose “Make text and other items larger or smaller”:


Step Three. Under “Change only the text size”, select from the dropdown the items for which you would like to increase the font size. For example, start with “Title bars”:


Step Four. Select from the dropdown the size of font. We recommend putting at least 18, and also ticking the tick-box for “Bold”:


Don’t forget to click “Apply” and your system fonts will now be easily feasible, even for someone with weaker eyesight.