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How to Change Webpage into PDF in Google Chrome?

Changing a web page as a separate file is a pretty frequent necessity. Google Chrome allows saving web pages as HTML, but this is possible only with reference for simple pages not containing dynamic Java-script objects or Flash. One way to save such webpage is to change it into PDF, which is more stable.

Step One: Click “Print”in Chrome menu on the right top.

Step Two: Make sure you have installed a PDF printer, such as CutePDF, Foxit Reader or Snagit. Select the proper printer and check “Background colors and images” on the bottom.
Step Three: Click “Print” to save web page as PDF.

How to Change Word Documents to HTML?

If you want to turn the content of a Word document into a HTML page so that you can display these documents as web files and create hyperlinks to these pages on the Internet, you can do it easily. With the Microsoft Word saving capabilities, you can easily change your own Word documents into hyperlinks to make them available on the Web. The detailed steps are as follows:

Step One: Open the document that you want to convert with Microsoft Word.

Step Two: Edit the document and check the spelling and grammar. When you finish editing, Click the “File” menu and select “Save As HTML”.

Step Three: Click Yes or Save in the dialog box that appears. Open a Web browser and select “Open” from the File menu and locate the file you just saved.

Step Four: Click “Open” or “OK” to view the file in the Web browser.

How to Save Webpage as PDF in Mozilla FireFox?

Saving a website as a PDF allows you to read the contents of the site at your leisure without being connected to the Internet. You can also create a PDF of a website to save a snapshot of the contents for your records, such as a receipt from an online merchant. The Web browser Firefox allows for saving a website as a PDF file. The detailed steps are as follows:

Step One: Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and navigate to the website that you want to save.

Step Two: Go to Firefox menu and click “Print”-”Page Setup”.
Step Three: Check “Shrink to fit Page Width” and “Print Background (colors and images)”. Click “OK”.
Step Four: In Firefox menu, click “Print”. Select Snagit 11 from the list. Click “OK” to save webpage as PDF.