NxFilter is a powerful yet user-friendly DNS filtering software designed to manage and control internet access across networks. NxFilter offers comprehensive web filtering capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor and restrict access to websites based on categories, time schedules, and user-defined policies.

Key features of NxFilter include real-time activity monitoring, which provides detailed insights into users' internet usage patterns and behaviors. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 networks, ensuring compatibility with modern network infrastructures. NxFilter also boasts a robust reporting system that generates detailed logs and statistics, enabling administrators to assess network usage trends and identify potential security risks.

NxFilter emphasizes ease of deployment and management, with a straightforward web-based interface that simplifies configuration and administration tasks. It supports integration with existing Active Directory environments, facilitating seamless user authentication and policy enforcement.

NxFilter is an effective solution for organizations seeking to enforce internet usage policies, enhance security, and optimize network performance through advanced DNS filtering capabilities. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it a valuable tool for network administrators aiming to maintain a secure and productive network environment.

Key Features:

  • DNS Filtering: Filters and blocks websites based on domain names.
  • User Authentication: Supports user-based policies for different access levels.
  • Dashboard and Reports: Provides real-time monitoring and usage reports.
  • Customizable Rules: Allows creation of specific filtering rules.
  • Safe Search: Enforces safe search options on search engines.
  • Active Directory Integration: Integrates with Active Directory for user management.
  • Bandwidth Management: Manages and prioritizes bandwidth usage.
  • HTTPS Filtering: Filters and inspects HTTPS traffic.
  • API and Scripting: Supports APIs and scripting for automation.
  • High Availability: Supports clustering for uninterrupted service.

NxFilter web filtering network security

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Jul 10, 2024


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