TortoiseGit (64bit)

TortoiseGit is a user-friendly Git client for Windows operating systems, providing a convenient graphical interface to manage and interact with Git repositories. Git, a distributed version control system, is widely used for tracking changes in source code during software development.

TortoiseGit seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer, allowing users to perform Git operations directly from the file explorer interface. With its intuitive design and visual representation of repository status, users can easily understand the state of their projects and manage version control efficiently.

Key features of TortoiseGit include the ability to commit changes, view revision history, create branches, and merge code seamlessly. The software also supports various Git features such as tagging, fetching, and pulling updates from remote repositories. Its context menu integration simplifies common Git tasks, making version control accessible to users with varying levels of expertise.

TortoiseGit's commitment to simplicity and user-friendly design makes it an ideal choice for developers and teams looking for an accessible Git client on the Windows platform. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Git user, TortoiseGit streamlines the version control process, enhancing collaboration and code management in software development projects.

Key Features:

  • Windows Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer for easy Git operations.
  • Graphical Commit History: Visual representation of commit history with a user-friendly graph.
  • Context Menus and Icons: Adds right-click menus and overlays to show Git status in Windows Explorer.
  • Commit Dialog: User-friendly interface for reviewing changes, selecting files, and adding commit messages.
  • Branching and Merging: Simple tools for creating, managing branches, and performing merges.
  • Tagging: Supports creating and managing tags to mark specific points in history.
  • Git-SVN Integration: Works with Git repositories interacting with Subversion repositories.
  • Repository Browser: Allows exploration of repository contents and file history.
  • Submodule Support: Handles repositories embedded within other repositories.
  • Stash Management: Temporarily stashes changes for easy switching between tasks.
  • Git Clean: Options to clean untracked files for a tidy repository.
  • Conflict Resolution: Tools for resolving merge conflicts during the merging process.

What's New

  • Fixed  issue #1270 : Log dialog can revert selected files to parent revision
  • Fixed  issue #1500 : Support git merge --log option
  • Can disable log cache (, tortoisegit.index)
  • Revision Graph can save as graphviz dot language (*.gv)
  • Support merge strategies except octopus
  • Fixed  issue #1597 : Reduce chance of committing old submodule revision on cherry-pick / rebase conflicts
  • Can specify specific paths of submodules to update
  • Fixed  issue #1661 : TortoiseGitBlame: show line date time
  • Fixed  issue #1662 : skip-worktree should not be exposed via context menus or anything without confirmation
  • Fixed  issue #330 : Implement --author option gui interface in the commit dialog
  • Fixed  issue #1147 : Ability to filter out branches in Log dialog
  • Fixed  issue #1628 : Support commit ranges in log list (from Reference Browser)
  • Fixed  issue #832 : Compare commits between branches (branch1...branch2, from Reference Browser)
  • Fixed  issue #515 : Sort the log window by date
  • Fixed  issue #1676 : Automatically check "Make it Bare" when repository path ends in ".git"
  • Fixed  issue #1677 : Clicking "revert" on a file should automatically check the file in the revert dialog
  • Fixed  issue #1667 : Ability to ignore a folder in commit dialog
  • Fixed  issue #1674 : Option "Push all branches" leaves out tags on pushed changes
  • Fixed issue #1663: F5 does not refresh the revision graph
  • Fixed  issue #522 : Store password for HTTP
  • Fixed  issue #1660 : Save Push Dialog "Push all branches" and "Use Thin Pack" options
  • Fixed  issue #1542 : Can send pull request email
  • Fixed  issue #1493 : Remember Push Dialog "Push to all remotes" option state
  • Enhanced Windows 7 taskbar grouping and highlighting of windows belonging to the same working tree
  • .mailmap is now used for Log-Dialog Statistics
  • Fixed  issue #1610 : Average values on statistics dialog graph
  • Fixed  issue #1708 : Merge dialog have no saving of log message
  • Fixed  issue #1716 : TortoiseGitBlame added line parameter
  • Allow to set a default value for ssh client in HKLM (Software\TortoiseGit\SSH)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed  issue #1642 : Incorrect behavior if repo is located on root of drive
  • Fixed  issue #1643 : TortoiseGitMerge window do not maximize correctly on screeen with right-side docked start bar
  • Fixed  issue #1639 : Does not work on older CPU without SSE2
  • Fixed  issue #1682 : Rebase ignores commits after an error is received
  • Fixed  issue #1429 : Blame: copy sha to clipboard copies the log message
  • Fixed  issue #1654 : Git blame commit message tooltip flashes when tooltip window is tall
  • Fixed  issue #1658 : Checkbox 'add "cherry picked from"' has wrong anchor
  • Fixed  issue #1657 : Dirty submodule commit does not open the underling submodule commit dialog
  • Fixed  issue #1552 : TGitCache prevents a git clone from performing successfully
  • Fixed  issue #1631 : Set focus to branch menu in Switch/Checkout window
  • Fixed  issue #1646 : TortoiseGit Log gives undeterministic results (log does not apply --boundary any more by default)
  • Fixed  issue #1085 : Small commit with lots of unversioned and not ignored files takes very long
  • Fixed  issue #1675 : delete/ignore does not delete folder from repo when local copy is kept
  • Fixed  issue #1679 : Reset dialog pick another revision has no effect
  • Fixed  issue #1609 : remember my remote branch choice precisely
  • Fixed  issue #1268 : Paths in Windows Explorer changed to all lower case
  • Fixed  issue #1681 : High screen DPI breaks TortoiseGitMerge's ribbon UI sprites
  • Fixed  issue #1685 : Deleting remote branch blocks UI
  • Fixed  issue #1686 : Wrong stash list after "Stash Apply" in RefLog
  • Fixed  issue #1689 : Option to make Git Commit GUI look different from TortoiseSVN equivalent
  • Fixed  issue #1693 : Cherry pick progress bar doesn't stay green
  • Fixed  issue #1276 : Cannot show diff of renamed file
  • Fixed  issue #1696 : Fetch from switch dialog does not refresh branches list
  • Fixed  issue #1701 : Changing commit order in rebase dialog doesn't auto scroll
  • Fixed  issue #1702 : Original commit message is showen even though it is changed during rebase
  • Fixed  issue #1223 : Workaround endless waiting when git.exe already exited
  • Fixed  issue #1709 : Right click -> assume unchanged is irreversible
  • Fixed  issue #1713 : Pre-populate commit message on squash merges
  • Fixed  issue #1566 : Frequent crashes when searching log

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