Google Drive Can Help You Speed Up Your Daily Workflow


If you use Google Drive regularly, adopting a few good time-saving habits could result in a much faster workflow than you have now. 

Create new files using bookmarks.  If you want to create a new Google Document, you can do it in a single shot by going to Doing this opens up a new document right there.

Replace “docs” with “sheets” in the above URL if you want a Google Spreadsheet, with “slides” if you want a Google Presentation, with “drawings” if you want a Google Drawing, and so on.

Save these URLs as bookmarks and you won’t need more than a couple of clicks to create any type of new file in Google Drive.


 Start with a template.  Templates are a sensible (and awesome!) way to tackle repetitive tasks with minimal fuss — tasks like creating outlines, newsletters, checklists, etc.

You can begin with one of the default templates via the home screen of the type of template that you want to create. For example, if you want to use a Google Docs template, visit

Add shared files to your Drive.  When people share files with you on Google Drive, you’ll see them listed in the Shared with me section. But they’re not actuallyin your Drive. Only the links to them are.


You can save those shared files to your Drive. That’s what the Add to Drive button in the toolbar at the top is for.


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