How to Add Speech Bubbles to Pictures?

Do you still remember the cute and expressive bubbles appear in comics? Do you want to enhance a picture or drawing by adding such speech bubbles? This article will show you through adding speech bubbles to images.

Step One: Download IrfanView and install it on your computer.
Step Two: Open the image you want to edit by clicking “File–Open”.
Step Three: Visit such websites to find some nice bubble/balloon images and save them as  transparent PNGs. Click “Edit ” and then select “Insert overlay/watermark image”.
Step Four: In the pop-up window, choose the speech bubble you want to add and select the position, overlay transparency. Click “OK” to apply the editing.
Step Five: Select the inside of the balloon area and insert text into the balloon.



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  1. fotometka russia Avatar
    fotometka russia

    How To add speech bubble on photo?
    1. Get inside the Fotomatka app.
    2. Select a picture from your gallery or take a picture with your camera
    3. Check available speech bubbles in gallery
    4. Select a speech text bubbles and place at perfect spot
    5. Select more speech text bubbles and repeat until you are good enough
    6. You can also write and edit some comic speech captions
    7. Save the picture in your phone. You can also send it to friends right there
    8. Add Hashtags(#) to the picture before sharing.
    9. And that’s it,use it as many times as you want for free

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