How to Browse Without Pages Recorded in Your Browsing History?

If you are using shared computers in an office or a community, or for other reasons, you may wish to keep your browsing history private. Some browsers allow you to open a new session which does not record other things.
Here is how to keep your browsing history private (in Google Chrome):

Step One. Open Google Chrome. Click on the icon with parallel lines in the top right corner:


Step Two. Select “New incognito window”:


Step Three:  A new browser window will open with a message confirming that your browsing is now private:


Step Four. You can now browse websites without any visible difference. The difference in this private browsing is:
1. The history of web browsing will not be recorded. The webpages you access and file you download are not recorded in your browsing and download histories.
2. All new cookies are deleted once you exit.
3. Any extensions you may have on top of the browser are not working. This is because some may contain personal data.

Once you are done, you can exit by closing the new browser.


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