How to Change the Distance between Rows of Text in a Document?

When reading tightly written text, the reader’s eye gets tired easily. Microsoft Word offers you an option to increase the spacing between the rows of text and make them according to your preference. This feature is very useful in presenting school homework or university papers, because it allows the teachers who grade your work to insert remarks and edits in between the lines.
Here is how to change the distance and make the rows of your text more spaciously placed:

Step One: Open your document in MS Word. You can see that by default, the text rows are spaced close to each other:


Step Two: Next, select the paragraph text where you would like to modify the spacing between the lines:


Step Three: Once the text is selected, click on the button in the middle of the tool bar at the top, showing several parallel equal lines – “Justify”:


Step Four: From the drop-down menu, you can choose the spacing which best suits your document. For example, “1.5” means there is space for a line and a half of text between each row. As you hover with the mouse over each value, your paragraph spacing will expand accordingly:


Just choose the distance between lines of text which suits your purpose best.


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