How to Compile an AutoHotkey Script

AutoHotkey is a free, open-source macro-creation and automation software utility that allows users to automate repetitive tasks. Any application user interface can be modified by AutoHotkey (for example, overriding the default Windows control key commands with their Emacs equivalents). It is driven by a custom scripting language that is aimed specifically at providing keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys. Here is an instruction to tell you how to compile an AutoHotkey script.

1. Navigate to the AutoHotkey file you would like to compile in Windows. It will have an “.ahk” suffix.

2. Right click on the file.  Click on the “compile script” option of the menu to compile the script. This generates an “.exe” version of the AutoHotkey script with the same name.

3. Run the exe file by double-clicking on it. The script will now run as an exe file.


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