How to Control Computer Temperature with SpeedFan?

When you keep your computer running for a long time, the temperature of your computer will be high and sometimes it will turn off automatically due to the high temperature. In this case, you need a program to cool the computer down. SpeedFan is such a tool. It is an hardware monitoring software that is able to change fan speeds according to system temperatures. SpeedFan can read S.M.A.R.T. values and temperatures from your hard disks and change the FSB speed.

Step One: Download SpeedFan and install it on your computer.


Step Two: Check the box for “Automatically control fan speeds” and click the “Configure” button.


Step Three: This will bring up the temperature tab. Now click on the temperature itself, and on the bottom of the screen you can select the desired temp and the warning temp. The desired temp is the temp at which speedfan will increase the fan speed if the temp goes above it. The warning temp is the temp at which speedfan will adjust the fan to 100%.


Step Four: Click the “Speeds” tab up on top. Now set the minimum and maximum speeds and click “OK” to apply the settings. Now your fan will slow down to its minimum speed now or faster depending on the temperature.



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