How to Convert a PDF to Microsoft Publisher

PDF files need to be opened with Adobe Acrobat Pro, and you need a great PDF edit program to make changes about the PDF file. Or it won’t be an easy thing. Here is the instruction to tell you how to convert a PDF to Microsoft Publisher. Because Microsoft Publisher is an editable format, you could edit the file easily and quickly.


1. Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro and open the document you want to convert.

2. Go to “File—-Export,” and then select the “Word Document” option.

3. Select the location to save the Word document, and change the source PDF name. Click on the “Save” button.

4. Start the Microsoft Publisher.

5. Click on the “File” and select the “Import Word Document” option.

6. Click on “Look in” button and select the location you saved the Word document. Click on the file and select the “OK” button to confirm

7. Now you’ve successfully convert and open the file. You could view its content or make any changes you want.


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