How to crop insert a signature on bottom of your email, using Microsoft Outlook?

When sending an email, it may become cumbersome to sign your name, phone number or any greeting you want to end with (such as “Sincerely” or “Best regards”). To make it easier for you to compose your emails with a ready greeting at the bottom, you can use the email signature feature in Microsoft outlook.
Here is how to create your customer signature in Microsoft Outlook:

Step One: Open Microsoft Outlook and select “File” from the menu on the top:


Step Two: Select “Options”


Step Three: Next, select “Mail” from the left side panel and click on “Signatures…” button in the middle of the right side panel of the window:


Step Four: Click on the button “New” to add the text of your new signature:


Step Five: You will be asked to enter a name for the signature you create. Just type any name you like:


Step Six: Next, type in the big panel in the bottom of the window the text you want to appear on the bottom of every email you write:


Click “OK” and you are done. Every email you compose will already have a sign-off line ready for you!


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