How to Delete Portion of Audio Clips?

If there are some parts in audios that you don’t want to preserve, then you need to delete such portions without harming the quality of the audio. How to cut some portions of audio clips? This article will give the detailed steps in deleting portions of audio clips with QuickTime Player.

Step One: Download QuickTime Player and install it on your computer.

Step Two: At the top of the toolbar, click “File–open file” to open the audio clips you want to edit.

Step Three: Select the portion you want to save by setting the cursor at the appropriate “In” point and “Out” point.

Step Four: Click “Edit” at the top toolbar and select “Trim to Selection” to Delete the rest of the file outside the in and out points.

Step Five: Then you will get the audio file you want. Click “File”–”Save as” to save the sectioned file.


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