How to Edit DDS Files in Photoshop for FSX

DDS is short for Direct Draw Surface. DDS files are compressed images frequently used in computer and console games, including FSX. If you want to make changes about the DDS files used within a game, you need a program capable of reading and editing DDS files. However Adobe Photoshop does not inherently support DDS. Fortunately you can install a plug-in to read and edit DDS image files.


1. Download Texture Tools plug-in for Adobe Photoshop to your version of Photoshop.

2. Install this program, we need to close Adobe Photoshop. Open the exe fie and click “Next.” Click “Install” and click “Finish” until the DDS plug-in is installed.

3. Start Adobe Photoshop. Click on “File” then “Open.” Select the DDS file you want to edit.

4. Make the changes you want to the file. Click on “File—-Save As.

5. Name the file and select “D3D/DDS” as the file extension, then click “Save.”


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