How to find out anything there is to know about your hardware with Speccy?

After a while you forget what hardware configuration you got on your computer. It happens if you’re not a geek and you’re not upgrading it regularly but in you post any questions on a forum with some kind of problem, any IT guy will ask you for your configuration. You can do this with just a few clicks with Speccy.

Step One: You can download the free software from by clicking on the green “Download Now” button.


Step Two: When you run the software you will get a small window. On the left you will see the different hardware components on your system. And on the right you will see the details of the first category, a brief summary. You will see exactly which operating system you’re running, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, Storage, Optical Drives and Audio. You will see that you even get information about the temperatures of the main hardware components. This is a good first indication about the “health” of that component. For instance, if the CPU temperature is at over seventy degrees Celsius, probably there is something wrong with the fan cooler and you immediately need to do something about it.


Step Three: If you click on each component separately from the menu on the left you will get much more detailed information. Here you will see even the fan speed of your coolers, bus speeds and voltages supplied by your motherboard. This is a free, simple, extraordinary software for everybody to make an assessment on their system.




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