How to Get the Widget Bar Back Up

The Windows Sidebar, also called the gadget or widget bar, is a great feature on windows 7, vista. It include an analog clock and a calendar, CPU meter and calendar. Here is an instruction to tell you how to get the widget bar back up.
1. Click on the Windows Start menu and then click on “All Programs.”

2. Go to “Accessories” —-“Windows Sidebar.”


3. Click on the Windows Sidebar notification area button to bring up the context menu.

4. Click on “Add a Gadget” to add a gadget to the sidebar. Double-click on the gadget you want to add to the sidebar.


5. Click on the icon and go to “Properties” to set the options. Check the box of “Sidebar starts when Windows starts”, and then the widget bar will start automatically with the system. Choose the location of it (right or left). Click on “Apply.”



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