How to Import your Contacts from a Backup File into Skype?

If you changed your computers recently, or if you want to transfer contacts from a previous Skype account, you can import contacts into Skype from any backup you have. Contacts in Skype can be imported into your account from any .vcf file format.
Here is how to back up your contacts from Skype:

Step One. Open Skype. Make sure you will not be overriding any contacts you already have, once you install your new contacts:


Step Two. Click on the “Contacts” tab on the top bar:


Step Three. Select “Advanced”:


Step Four. Select “Restore Contacts from File…” from the sub-menu:


Step Five. Locate the file containing your backed up contacts. It must be a .vcf format file. Then click “Open”:


That’s it, your Skype contacts from the file are added!


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