How to Make a Movie with Photos using SONY Movie Maker?

Sometimes for celebrations or special occasions you may want to make a movie from your photos, so that it makes it an enjoyable presentation. SONY’s Movie Maker is an easy click-and-drop tool which has nice templates built-in to make a movie out of your photos.
Here is how to make a movie from your photos:

Step One. Open the SONY (VAIO) Movie Creator (it can be downloaded from SONY homepage):


Step Two. Click on ”Create new short movie”:


Step Three. Click “Browse” to locate the folder with the photos you would like to use for your movie. Then click “OK”:

Step Four. Select the ready movie template for different built-in categories. You can preview the template in this screen:

Step Five. SONY Movie Maker will show you a preview of your movie. If you are happy with the result, click “Save Work” and choose where to save your new move:


Enjoy sharing your movie with family and friends!


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