How to Remove Pop-up Ads from Internet Explorer?

When you open a website, you will often be harassed by the pop-up ads page, which greatly slow down the speed of your computer. And sometimes the ads even contain some malware and can lead to the infection of your computer. To get away from the threat and secure a sound environment for your computer, let’s try some of the following ways.
Pop-up window is a built-in Web page code, when the user opens the Web page, this code is implemented. This is usually a JavaScript code; therefore, to stop the pop-up window, it is necessary to prevent the direct implementation of this code.

Step One: Open the browser, click “Tools / Internet Options / Security”, open the “Security” page in the “Security Settings”.


Step Two: Select “Restricted Sites” and click the “Sites” button in the pop-up window, enter prohibited pop-up ad page address, and then click “Add”-“OK”.



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