How to Replace Explorer with Total Commander

Total Commander is a file manager for Windows, a program like Windows Explorer to copy, move or delete files. However, Total Commander can do much more than Explorer, e.g. pack and unpack files, access ftp servers, compare files by content.Two file windows side by side. How to replace explorer functionality with commander? That is to say how to open your documents folder with total commander instead of explorer. Here is the instruction.


1. Copy the listing between the lines below to Notepad

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@=”\”C:\\totalcmd\\totalcmd.exe\” \”%1\””


2.Save it as “tc.reg”

3. Run the file and select “yes” to merge it to the registry.

NOTE: Make sure that the path to total commander is reflected correctly in the reg script. Change it as needed to show where it is installed on your system.


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