How to Stop Windows Firewall?

By default, Windows protects you by its “Windows Firewall” function. However, sometimes this feature stops active apps or software which you need to use, if they use ports or access files which Windows does not allow. So you may need to turn off the default Windows Firewall protection.
Here is how to turn off the default Windows Firewall:

Step One. Open Control Panel and select “System and Security”:


Step Two. In the new screen, select “Windows Firewall”:


Step Three. In the next screen, on the left-side pane, select “Turn Windows firewall on or off”:


Step Four. For both Private and Public networks settings, select the radio button which says “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)”:


Click “OK” and the default firewall will be disabled. However, after you finish installing your app or new software, it is recommended to turn on the firewall again, for your own protection.


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