How to Use the Frame Templates in Funny Photo Maker to Make Funny Pictures

Funny Photo Maker helps edit photos with 300+ splendid photo frames, face fun, artistic effects & collage, export photos in image file and GIF animation, and easily turns your photos into artistic and interesting masterpiece. Here we would introduce you how to edit a photo on the frame templates to make funny pictures.

1. Prepare an image you want to edit. The format should be BMP, JPEG, JPG or PNG, and it should be big enough in case it displays blurry.

2. Add your image to Funny Photo Maker by clicking “Add Image” or “Open Image” button.


3. Choose and click your favorite frame template and then your image would automatically apply to the frame templates.


4. You could also edit the original image as you like to make it pretty and more suitable for the frame template. Just click the “Edit Original Image” tab over the preview window, then you can zoom, rotate and crop it.


5. Click the “ Export” tab to set the size, file location and export it.

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