How to view thumbnails of photos in a folder?

When you are browsing through your photos, it is difficult to remember which numbers or names of photos refer to which location or event. Many browsers show by default only the file names and dates of pictures

Windows explorer allows you also to view the photos in your computer as little thumbnails, similar to the old film roll indexes, so you can easily see the photo you are looking for. Here is how to view photos as thumbnails:

Step One: Locate the folder with your photos. By default, all photos are saved in the folder “My pictures”:


Step Two: The photos are only visible as numbers, and it is hard to see the content inside.

Step Three: Click on the “View” menu in the top taskbar:


Step Four: From this menu on top, you can select to view your photos as icons, or thumbnails in the folder. Microsoft offers you a choice between “large icons”, “medium icons” or “small icons”:


This makes it easy to locate a photo and browse quickly through all your digital pictures.


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