The Battle of Two Great Stardock Programs: ObjectDock VS. Fences



ObjectDock is a fully functional dock replacement for the standard Windows task bar. You can place your favorite web links, program shortcuts and information widgets on this incredibly smooth and stable dock. If you like the look of Mac OS X’s dock and want some Mac flair on your computer, ObjectDock is the perfect application to give you a little taste of OS X. It also has an instant access to your weather, clock, calendar and battery status. Although the system tray and aero peak only work in the paid version, with beautiful animations and icons, highly customizable ObjectDock can still give you a great performance.



stardock-fences-3 jasonfences

Fences is a simple icon organizer that creates special boxes where you can store and categorize them in different sections. Users draw “fences” on their desktop which enables users to drag and drop icons into them. It’s very easy to be used, you can fully customize icon boxes as you like. One of the greatest features of Fences is that a double-click anywhere on the desktop hides all desktop icons temporarily, until you double-click again to bring them back. Low profile, low system impact also won’t bring considerable burden to your system.



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