The Best System Utilities for Windows

Everything needs a good clean up from time to time, so the same is true of computers. Here we’ve put together a small collection of what we think are the best system utilities that promise to clean up your computer and improve performance.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a freeware with registry and disk cleaning, privacy protection, performance accelerator and amazing multi-functional tools. It can fix dogged registry errors, wipe off clutters, optimize internet speed, safeguard confidential files and maintain maximum performance.

It is designed for both novice and professionals. User-friendly interface shows clear & detailed directions. For novice, all work can be done with just 1 or 2 clicks, while for professionals, abundant options are available.



CCleaner, created by Piriform will enhance your system by removing cookies, temporary files and unused data. It features a Startup Cleaner, which will speed up your PC start up time and a Registry Cleaner, which helps to solve any problems with system freezes, error messages and crashes.

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SlimCleaner Free is the world’s first software that lets you clean and optimize Windows systems using a crowd-sourced approach. Software uses aggregated-cloud feedback to recommend optimal settings for programs, start-ups and services.

What makes SlimCleaner stand out from the crowd is that it places no restrictions on how many PCs you can use it on. You can even run it from a USB drive and take from PC to PC, without the need to re-install it every time.



WinUtilities has a clean and simple user interface that can be customized with the tools you want and need. The Task Scheduler is a very useful feature because it allows you to set it to run automatically, great if you have a bad memory or just can’t be bothered to manually run a task.


Software Update Pro

Software Update Pro is a quality software client designed to inform you of available software updates for your computer. Free, small, easy-to-use and highly functional with intuitive interface. Provides notifications and information on available software update. Supported by a growing software library. No personal information leakage.



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  1. Aline Dowd Avatar
    Aline Dowd

    Glary Utility is the first thing I install when I get a new computer. A must. I loved it so much that I had to pay it back by registering it. User friendly and trust worth. I am 78 and own my own company. I fully endorse it.

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