How to Convert Word Table Document to Spreadsheet Directly

As an office suite of desktop applications, Kingsoft Office consists of a word processor—Writer, a spreadsheet program—Spreadsheets and a presentation program—Presentation. Compared with other office suites, Kingsoft Office is considered as one of the best office applications with user-friendly interfaces and excellent performances. When we want to create a spreadsheet based on a word table document, normally we need to recreate a spreadsheet and enter the content of the word document to it. How troublesome it is. So here we introduce you a method which can convert word document to a spreadsheet directly and easily. Here is the instruction.


1. Open your word table document with Kingsoft Office.


2. Move the cursor to any cell of your word table, and then choose “Select Table” by right click your mouse to choose the entire table.

3. “Copy” the entire Word table by clicking on the “Copy” button on the top of the task.


4. Start Excel and then open the workbook that you want, move the cursor to the cell. Click on the “Paste” command button to add the word table there. Now you’ve successfully convert your word document to a spreadsheet directly.



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