How to keep your software up to date with Update Detector ?

Software developers always work to fix bugs and create better versions of your installed programs but many of them don’t have automatic updates or you just didn’t activate that option because you want to decide when to look for them. With Update Detector, a free software with minimal installation, you can do that anytime.

Step One: First you need to download the free software from by clicking on the green “Download Now” button.


Step Two: Once you run it, Update Detector will scan your system and a small window will show up, telling you how many updates are available.


Step Three: If you click on the “Settings” option you will see another small window where you can set up the automatic update feature for Update Detector.


Step Four: The software will automatically direct you to a Filepuma web page where you will see all the updates you can install and be able to download and install them one by one.