How to Backup Your Original Music CDs

Some original music CDs need to be protected from damage because you can’t even measure their value. They are so precious so creating backup copies is a great solution. Here is an instruction to see how to copy a CD with CDBurnerXP.

1. Download and install CDBurnerXP from here:

2. Start CDBurnerXP, click on the “Copy or grab disc”


3. A pop-up menu will appear going to show you the source and destination CD/DVD drive(s). Accept the default settings.


4. Insert your original music CD in the CD/DVD drive and click the OK to start copying the audio tracks.

5. When the music CD has been temporarily copied onto your hard drive, eject the CD and insert a blank CD-R.

6. On the burning options screen, you could choose a burn speed (the slower the better). Click the Burn Disc button to start the copying process.