How to change the function of the Shut Down button?

How many times do you shut down your PC at the office? Probably once, although I know people (although I’m not gonna give any names) who leave their computer ON permanently. How about the PC at home? Probably once or twice (if you have a weird schedule like me). The point is that the Shut Down button is more likely used as a log off, lock or even restart button. How do we change that? Easily in just a few steps.

Step 1: Right click on the start button ans select Proprieties.

Start button 1

Step 2: By default, the window will open right on the Start Menu tab. If not, click on it. Right below the tabs you will see the “Power button action:” option. Just click on the button on the right and select whichever option you use more often. Don’t forget to click the Apply button on the bottom right to make things “official”.

Start button 2